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Podcasts I Love

Podcasts made my days more bearable during lockdown 1.0 & 2.0 and I’ll now be turning to them to do the same during 3.0. I wake up most mornings and pop in my AirPods to listen to one of my favourites whilst getting ready for the day. They keep me company on walks and get me through the tasks I find the most boring (sorting washing, changing beds…) I honestly would be lost without them. From making me laugh, to teaching me new things, they are my ultimate feel good habit. I recently asked my Instagram what podcasts I should try next and was inundated with suggestions, check out the list below for my favourites and the most popular suggestions. I also highly recommended Claudia Winkleman’s book ‘Quite‘ as an audio book- one of my favourite reads/listens ever!


Lockdown Parenting hell- One of my go-to, always makes me smile.

Shagged Married Annoyed- Very funny and relatable.

Off Menu- The Claudia Winkleman episode is brilliant.

Katherine Ryan Telling Everybody Everything- I haven’t listened yet but heard good things.


Table Manners- Love the relationship between Jessie & her mum Lennie.

Grounded by Louis Theroux- Such brilliant interviews.

How To Wow with Chris Evan- wasn’t expecting to like this as much as I do!

Desert Island Discs- a classic, dig deep into the archives for some gems.

How To Fail- Always makes me feel better.

Happy Place- A lovely fell-good podcast from Fearne Cotton.

Thanks a Million- with Angela Scanlon, a great concept.

Annie Mac Changes- New discovery and love!

Made by Mammas- Really enjoy this. The Liz Earle episode on the menopause was super interesting.

The Adam Buxton Podcast- Great guests and chat.

The Emma Guns Show- Covers interesting health and beauty topics.

Sliding Doors- Newly launched, about the moments that changed your life.

The below were all recommend but I’ve not had a proper listen yet!

Henry Holland- interviewing fashion faces.

Fortunately with Fi & Jane

Stripped Back Sport Kirsty Gallacher

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

Origins with James Andrew Miller (seasons 5 & 6)

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

Outspoken Beauty

Making The Cut (Davina McCall & Michael Douglas)

Under The Skin (Russel Brand)

My Wardrobe Malfunction (with Susannah Constantine)

Unlocking Us with Brené Brown

Luanna: The Podcast

Ellie and Anna Have IssuesI’m Absolutely Fine!


Serial- Season 1 was he first podcast I ever listened to. Had me hooked.

The Missing- newly launched, hosted by Pandora Sykes.

Chameleon Con Queen- a true story based in LA

Recommend but I’ve not had a proper listen yet…

Ear Hustle


Bed of Lies


Caught off Guard- covers money and career, love the host Patricia Bright.

Girl Boss Radio- an old favourite of mine, worth digging into the archives.

Second Life- super successful and interesting women interviewed by Hillary Kerr.

The Boss Babe Podcast- I cherry pick episodes, have picked up some useful tips.

How I Built This- Amazing insight into highly successful entrepreneurs.

So Money- Useful tips on saving/debt/investment but US based.

The Skinny Confidential- some very good interviews, worth looking at past episodes for relevant ones to your life.

UnStyled Refinery29- Fashion/Career stories and advice from women in the industry.

Superwoman with Rebecca Minkoff- this came up a few times, excited to listen.


You’re Wrong About- Loved the Princess Diana episodes and have been recomended the OJ Simpson ones.

The High Low- RIP was one of my go-to’s but worth listening back if you’re new to podcasts.

The Crown- listened to this while I was binge watching The Crown but the moment has past for me now!

Postcards From Midlife- came up a few times, not listened yet.

In Vogue The 1990’S- looks super interesting

The Receipts Podcast- had a quick listen, seemed very entertaining.