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The Desk Edit

I love my home office set-up and it was one of my priorities when designing my house as WFH is something I’ve done for years; It’s a real luxury to have a bright, airy room to work in and I’ve spent more time than ever in it over the last few months.

Recently I felt like it needed a little change so I went on a Pinterest mission and fell in LOVE with Jenna Lyons stylish office, which then sent me on a mission for the perfect desk. I’m yet to find a pink desk like Jenna’s but the hunt continues. Looking at so many cool office set-up’s has inspired me to change things up a little in my office though, just a simple thing like turning my Ikea Desk around to face out has really made a difference.

I go from wanting a chaotic desk piled high with of magazines and neon signs to a neat, calming vibe with an antique desk like Alexa Chung. My space is still a work in progress so I’ll keep appreciating the inspiration images I love!


Jenna Lyons Desk set-up is the dream!

Home Office Inspiration via Pinterest 

The Desk Edit