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The house that pinterest built

Diane Keaton’s book ‘The House That Pinterest Built‘ couldn’t have come out at a better time for me. I’ve referenced it for Flooring, Windows, Doors and Tile ideas throughout the whole of my renovation project. This book is a look into what inspired Diane Keaton while building her beautiful Californian home and images of the finished result;

Every room in her home was inspired by ideas she discovered on Pinterest…

It’s a how-to on making a home, packed full of inspirational Interior images and advice from Design enthusiast Diane on the importance of specific rooms.

The House That Pinterest Built covers everything from Bathrooms to Kitchen, to Lighting and storage in the most Stylish way, I could browse it for hours.

Every image is as striking as the next and creates a real mood-board feel, a Pinterest in Coffee Table Book form. A must for any Interior Design Junkies.

If my house turns out anything like Diane’s, I don’t think I’ll ever leave it! But it has confirmed my unhealthy addiction to Pinterest is, in fact, a necessity when designing a home!

The House that Pinterest Built…

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