/ 4 years ago

Wardrobe Editing | My Go-To’s

I’m going to be editing my wardrobe over the next 4 weeks of lockdown 2.0 in England. Starting this week with my go-to’s, the pieces and outfits that I turn to regularly, my fail-safes when I have 5 minutes to get dressed. Over the next 4 videos I will breakdown my wardrobe to work out what’s missing, what’s not working and what I love, to create easy to put together outfits that will make getting dressed in the morning a little easier.

Step 1. Pull out the pieces and outfits you wear the most (& love) from your wardrobe. Hang them on a seperate rail or lay them flat on your bed- they should make you happy when you see them and feel your best when you wear them. These are your Go-To's.

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