/ 4 years ago

Wardrobe Detox

Every January I do a big wardrobe detox- it’s a great way to work out where the gaps are in my wardrobe so I can make sensible and conscious purchases for the year ahead. I clear out the pieces that no longer work for me anymore- be it size, fit or a piece that hasn’t gotten as much love as it should have whilst it’s been in my wardrobe. It’s a great way to re-discover new gems and look at your wardrobe with different eyes and start to pair things together in a different way. I start by going through the rails and breaking it down into sections- placing on my bed anything I no longer wear, I then go through the pile placing it in a Sell, Donate or Tailor pile. This year I’ve been VERY ruthless- I have too much stuff and I want an edited, streamlined version of what my wardrobe currently is. I want to love everything I see and make getting dressed every morning enjoyable and not overwhelming.




Starting with my Denim collection- Jean trends change over the years and I’m currently wearing Straight-Leg Cropped High Rise styles on repeat. Time to clear out my Low-Rise, some pairs I have don’t fit and some pairs I haven’t worn for years and don’t feel nice in. I live in my Re/Done, Topshop & Citizens of Humanity Jeans.



I live in my Blazers and feel my best when wearing a Denim/Blazer and Tee combo. Time to move on the blazers I’ve had for years that are constantly being overlooked. I tend to wear more boyfriend style, oversized and long now- Blazé Milano are a huge investment but one I’ve never regretted.


My Tee collection has gotten completely out of hand. Time to clear out the ones that have been worn to death. I’m going to hang up my nicer ones and Graphic Tees and keep folded the tees I wear more for layering. Time to say good-bye to the ones that are no longer white or have holes in. My go-to’s- Uniqlo (men’s), Wardrobe NYC, Victoria Beckham, Topshop & H&M.



I need to STOP buying dresses. After last years obsession, I have enough to last me a lifetime and one for every occasion. Time to start pairing with tights and boots to get maximum wear and move on a few that are not getting any love. Oh and STOP buying them!


I’m quite proud of my coat collection and do not need to buy any more for a while- my Stand Studio Teddy Coat was a great buy, my old Stella McCartney Camel Coat is still very loved and my Holzweiler Puffa was a great winter buy. I think everyone has a deserved place in my wardrobe but it’s another item I don’t need to buy for a while.



I don’t buy many shoes but trainers are my weakness. I can’t resist a colourful pair of Nikes but I do wear them a lot. Shoes, I tend to buy classics- my Manolo Maysales were a great investment for me as were my Grenson Boots.



I live in my loungewear but unfortunately, have held on to too many pieces that I no longer feel nice in. Time to clear out the tracksuits with baggy knees and scruffy jumpers keeping an edited selection. Entire World, Sunspel and Micha Lounge are my go-to’s as well as American Vintage tracksuit bottoms paired with Anine Bing Sweatshirts.


Shirts, Blouses, Dressy Tops- they all seem to get overlooked when I’m getting dressed. Time to half my collection and start wearing the ones I love- I think these will get more love when it warms up.


Again, I own a collection of knitwear that has built up over the years. Black, Navy and Grey cashmere are so handy to have and pull looks together. I bought a Navygrey Knit that I love- Gap and Zara men also do great cashmere. I love Raey for a smarter look. Time to get rid of the ones that haven’t been worn all winter.