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Packing Tips, Tricks & Essentials

I take my packing very seriously and have become super organised over the years when it comes to travelling. I recently hosted a summer styling event with Free People sharing all my packing tips and holiday wardrobe-essentials.

It’s all in the prep. I pack the night before a trip, but the prep will start way before. I use a folder on my Instagram for outfit inspiration, so when it comes to pulling looks, I get instant inspo by simply looking at my phone. I use notes on my phone to make a list of all the essentials and add to it as I remember. I also have a hanging rail where I add pieces I know I want to take. Snap photos of your outfit combinations laid our on the bed planning your day/evening looks to avoid overpacking and minimise getting dressed stress when you arrive.

Organise. Packing cubes are a game changer- they make it super easy to keep my case organised- and when you get to your destination you can simply lift out of your case and into drawers leaving more time for the pool. I pack my dresses on hangers with a suit carrier so again, I can just hang straight into the wardrobe. I use a jewellery organiser and have a hanging toiletry bag where I keep miniatures or doubles of my favourite sun and skincare when I have a busy few months of travel.


Edit. I always take into account where I’m going and plan my looks around this. This doesn’t mean changing my style to suit the destination but just being mindful when choosing outfits- for example for a recent trip to Ibiza where I knew we’d be partying I took the brighter more dressier holiday pieces and for a I trip I recently returned from in Comporta I took my more muted, laid back pieces as it’s a more chilled, rustic vibe. It’s helpful to stick to a colour palette to maximise outfit options and I keep footwear to a minimum with two pairs of sandals max that will go with every outfit. Versatile pieces such as denim cut-offs, oversized shirt, a slip dress and a co-ord will come with me on most beach holidays as they work day-to-night. The key is to bring items that require little effort but achieve maximum style.


The Travel Outfit. I love planning my airport outfit and have a few tips to keep it comfy yet chic. Relaxed linen trousers, tank tops and oversized shirts are my go-to. I always pack a light knit for when it’s chilly on the plane, the bag I carry will double up as my beach bag, and I keep sunnies to hand for when I arrive. I also store any liquids I travel with in a clear travel bag to save time at security.

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