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How to layer necklaces

Layering necklaces is a great way to change up your look and add personality to an otherwise simple outfit. I’ve built up quite a necklace collection over the years, collecting pieces from all my favourite brands; Daisy London & Alighieri Jewellery for classic necklaces made for layering, Vintage Chanel to make a statement and Roxanne First to inject some colour and a lot of fun. Play around with your current collection and see what you’re missing to create the dream necklace combination.

A few tips on how to layer your necklaces-

1. Wear 2-4 necklaces- any more and it can start to look untidy and they can get easily tangled with each other.

2. Layer different lengths- the key to the ultimate layering is to have gaps between chains.

3. Mix and match chain styles- layer delicate necklaces with chunky chains to keep it interesting.

4. Have a focal point- a coin necklace is a good place to start, then add on a choker or snake chain.

5. Stick with the same metals- when it comes to necklaces I tend to go for Gold pieces and add in some coloured pieces with beads or pearls to inject some personality.

The necklace Edit on emma rose style

My favourite piece- my Vintage Chanel necklace sourced by Susan Caplan
Vintage Chanel Necklace Susan Caplan Emma Rose Style

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