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Chanel Sandals and how to Style

I finally caved and purchased the Chanel Dad Sandals this week, If you follow me on Instagram you would’ve seen me talking about them for a while.  I loved them last year but couldn’t track down in my size, so was thrilled (& nervous) to find them in Selfridges (I went half a size down). After spending a lot of money on dad sandals, I’ve been thinking non-stop about the many ways I can wear them and they really do slot in nicely with my existing wardrobe. Here’s how I’ll be styling-

Chanel Dad Sandals and how to style on emma rose style

A Pretty Dress & Leather Jacket

A Black Body & Vintage Denim

A Stylish Black Suit

A Knitted Tracksuit

A Simple Black Dress

A White Blazer

A Leopard Print Dress

A Pair of Spanx Leggings

A Leather Jacket

A White Shirt

A Relaxed Tracksuit

A Pop of Colour

A Trench Coat

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