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We’ve probably all got to the stage now in week 4 of lockdown where we’re in need of a trip the Hair Salon. My appointment was today… I book in with Tom Smith who works out of Billi Currie salon in Marylebone every 8-10 weeks (I’m now on week 10!) I definitely won’t be going down the home hair dye kit route (Tom would never forgive me) so I’m trying to use hair masks and Olaplex regularly, laying off the heat styling by letting it dry naturally and embracing my roots until I can get back into the hands of a professional. For me, it’s about making sure my hair is in the best condition it can possibly be and wearing a cap when I need to leave my house!

The Products getting my hair through lock-down

Bleached hairs best friend, Olaplex is the number 1 product Tom advises me to use. I try to apply once a week, usually, I leave on overnight. It Strengthen, Repairs & Rebuilds damaged hair. A miracle worker.

Living Proof In-Shower Styler is a new product I’m trying out to wean me off heat drying. You apply in the shower and leave on, it enhances texture & shine on air-dried hair. My hair is slightly wavy with a lot of frizz but I’m loving the results of this product.

Drunk Elephant’s new haircare range not only looks the part on your bathroom shelf, it really is the part. Created with celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillan and enriched with biocompatible proteins and oils they created a line of hair care that focuses on the scalp – products that dissolve years of buildup while nourishing hair. I’m hooked.

I’m trying to avoid using my Blodage Shampoo and Conditioner too much while in lockdown but if I’m looking to take away the yellow tinge to my hair while I wait for my next colour appointment then this is the purple shampoo/conditioner combination I turn too.

I LOVE this product. If your hair ever feels like it’s got product left in it after you’ve washed then it’s probably due to unwanted metals and minerals found in your water. Dream Filter from Color Wow gently removes the build-up from hard water without heat.