/ 5 months ago

A good nights sleep with Healist

Paid Partnership with Healist

We’re currently in the busiest time of year, and most of us are being pulled here, there and everywhere. Christmas is when the mental load steps up a gear and my stress levels. A few months ago, I was introduced to Healist, a brand that combines Science and nature to help you find calm in everyday life with natural CBD. I’ve been using the Good Night Drops & Good Night Chews to help me fall (and stay!) asleep while still waking up feeling refreshed with zero grogginess. Nighttime is when my brain goes into overdrive, and my feelings of anxiety heighten, so having a natural option to help calm my mind has been a game-changer, helping me wake up focused and ready to take on the day.


A must-have for anyone who’s in urgent need of some proper rest! Use code EMMA30 for 30% off at healistnaturals.com

Emma Rose Style Healist Sleep Drops CBD

Healist Good Night products are fast-acting with a blend of the highest quality Pure CBD extract, plus active levels of botanical essential oils and a custom sleep terpene blend to help support your body in relaxation for a good nights sleep with no next-day grogginess.